Struggling to lose weight is a problem more common than you’d think. Fortunately, we are in on a few weight loss success secrets that we’re willing to share with you!


1. Exercising and Food Control Goes Hand In Hand

If you ask any fitness instructor who knows what they’re talking about, they’d tell you that to successfully lose weight, it’s important to maintain a balance of the right exercise and the right quantity and quality of food. Don’t fall for instant weight loss diets or workout programs too intense for you. Instead, simply try to eat healthy and do some form of exercise each day. It helps to assign a workout for each day of the weak so that you don’t waste time thinking of what exercise you can do for the day. Remember, even in your busiest days you can squeeze in a brisk walk!

2. Your Gym Has To Be Right for You

The gym in the next town might be the most fashionable one at present, but it may not be the right one for you! Find a local gym you can get to in less than 20 minutes; anything located further away can discourage you from going daily. Cleanliness maintenance, friendliness of the staff and overall “culture” of the gym is what you should look out for. Don’t forget to check online for their websites. You can choose a website and give us a call to find out more.


3. The Quality and Quantity of Your Sleep Matters More Than You’d Think

Most people tend to be almost religious about what and how they eat, make exercising seem like military training, and are generally very rigid about everything related to losing weight. Unfortunately, these are the same people who don’t bother to give their body enough time to sleep; inevitably reducing the impact both their diet and exercise has on their body. Your body not only rests while it is asleep but also remakes and heals itself. The QUALITY AND QUANTITY of your sleep is vital for a successful weight loss.


4. Having a Friend Suffering With You Makes for a Better Experience

There many things in life that you can achieve with ease striving all by yourself. And while it’s true that you can definitely work out by yourself and even see results of it, it’s been proven that if you work out with a friend, chances are that you’ll see results faster. This is very true with absolute beginners, as your friend can keep you motivated to work out even when you don’t really feel like doing so. Eating healthy too can be much easier when you’re not the only one at home or in your group of friends doing so.

5. Cheat Days Are a Sham

We’re sure you’ve heard of cheat days where you hold yourself in control for 6 whole days and give yourself a break from that for one assigned day per week. We’re here to say that that’s bogus. Cheat days generally result in you overindulging yourself, generally making all your efforts useless by that single day. What we do believe in, are cheat meals and treats. If you get together with your friends once a week for a meal, eat whatever you want (but of course, with caution), so you don’t feel like your suffering. Alternatively, you can also give yourself a treat every day (again, with caution and make sure it’s a tiny treat). Nibbling on a small piece of chocolate each day is better than an entire day of eating whatever you want!