Starting and running a successful sports club can be quite the experience. Any manager or coach will know of the pressure placed by media, competing clubs, athletes and even parents that make it a difficult role to play. However, do it right and you can form a successful and profitable club in no time? Here are a few tips that could help you out along the way.

Great Coaches

It may seem obvious but we’re starting with the basics. A great coach will motivate more players to sign up and strengthen your ties with the community. A greater presence in the community will make it easier for you to get sponsors and team support. Essentially you lay down your foundations by hiring great coaches to vouch for the stability and reputation of your club.

Communicate Clearly

Setting down clear lines communication is imperative to run a successful club. Between coaches, players, sponsors and parents- everyone needs to be kept informed at all times. Which method of communication works best for you? Most often, it is by e-mail. Think of creating lists, how often you need to send out updates, whether there need to be weekly recaps etc.

Premium Equipment

From your goal netting to the kits and the player’s equipment, everything needs to be of a certain standard if you want your club to have satisfied players as well as a good reputation. You should regularly check or assign staff to handle the maintenance of your equipment and always remember to leave room in the club’s spending for improved gear and equipment.


A sports club thrives with a highly transparent culture where everyone, including staff, is on the same page and are aware of their duties. For example with student-athletes, you’re going to have to be extremely transparent in your recruiting schemes and how staffers are to be recruiting in the first place. Should any problem occur, you will be able to identify it quickly and form a solution to remedy it.

Adaptable Decision-Making

Running behind the scenes, younger clubs have the ability to adapt to newer methods and use them to their advantage but for some older clubs, traditional methods are used. Managers should be able to draw the line and give up stubborn notions that no longer work in the light of new techniques. First and foremost it is about identifying what solutions will work most effectively for your problems and then making that change.

Training and Representation

With a high turnover rate with seasonal coaches, assistants and other staffers, it would be wise to create an employee handbook and a method of training employees properly. Show staff the importance of keeping a unified front and portraying that harmony to the public at all times. This will further build your reputation and help increase your success.

These are some of the main tips you need to keep in mind when working hard for your club’s success.  Remember, facing numerous obstacles are natural in this line of business. Your success depends on your ability to adapt and analyse any of these problems that come your way.