Perhaps you’ve been wanting to get fit for the longest time. There either aren’t any gyms near you, you don’t have the time to go there or you’d rather just do things independently- there’s a solution to all three. Working out at home. Many have done it and there are quite a few success stories, so why shouldn’t you be one too? Here’s a guide that will show you how to get fit at home in the best possible way.


Being at home, you’ll have to make it work without all the equipment or the experienced help to make sure you’re doing things right. So, you need to make sure you do your research. Look up various exercises you want to do and don’t forget to look at pictures alongside it so you can get your posture right along the way.

Find A Partner

From your spouse to your kid (or even a friend!), working out with a partner leaves you more motivated to actually get the job done. We’re all very aware of the excuses that come up when we try to exercise alone so nip this one in the bud before you get started, if you’re serious.

Schedule Ahead

Especially as a working woman or a mother with plenty of children’s appointments to see to, keeping a planner is in your best interest. If you know the rest of your schedule, jot down when you can put in those twenty minutes to get your workout done. If something comes up (i.e. an emergency meeting, having to pick your child up etc.), you can reschedule your workout straight away instead of scrapping the idea of exercising altogether.


Get yourself a calorie calculator so you keep track of exactly how much you’ll be consuming in a day. It will help you plan your diets and also allow you to prepare nutritious meals for your kids whilst you go on this journey.


Have a journal that you can use to write down you progress as the weeks pass by. You might start with a certain duration and you’ll find that it’s extended considerably. You can do more push-ups and more squats. Having visual proof of this transformation will motivate you some more and keep you pushing your limits.


Set yourself a goal of losing weight before a certain time. It’ll give you something to work towards and you can always treat yourself along the way with mini goals. Don’t work yourself too hard or you’ll just experience burnout. Know that you occasionally have to relax and take joy in the little things.

Sleep Regularly

Getting in those 8 hours of sleep is incredibly important. It allows your body to heal and confront everything it has faced, leaving you feeling refreshed when facing the new day. If you don’t get your hours of sleep, you’ll be fatigued and won’t be able to work out properly. You will lose your progress if this continues.

This is the guide to getting fit at home! As you can see, it’s really simple! Set your goals and work hard, you’ll have that fit life in no time.