The advancement of technology has vastly impacted not only adults but also children. This has resulted in children spending more screen time and less time outdoors.

Therefore, unlike in the past, children in the present often neglect to engage in outdoor physical activities and games due to various inventions such as PlayStation which is something parents need to address.Make use of the following ideas to encourage your children to spend more time on activities outdoors.

Set a maximum time for screen time

This got to be one of the first steps in enabling your kids to realize the importance of getting outside. As parents, you must arrange a particular time limit that your kids spend their time playing video games or using their computer because if you fail to do so it can negatively harm your child’s health as well.

Hence, set a timer accordingly depending on your child’s schedule, so that the next thing your kid would do after screen time is to play outside.

Get your child to play outdoor games

After taking the necessary actions to minimize your child’s screen time, it is also important that you teach them and let them know of some typical outdoor games that can keep them active.

Therefore, you can motivate your child to do skipping, to play hopscotch preferably by also allowing them to play in the neighbourhood. This is also because they can get to know your neighbour’s kids of their age and play with them as well.

Take your child for a walk

Nature walks are a great way of making your kid step outdoors. Moreover, nature walks can also develop your child’s sensory and observation skills.

You may let your child engage in activities like collecting rocks, leaves, and twigs in a small paper bag when going for a nature walk. For this purpose, explore parks or playgrounds that are located close to your house so that you can go there as often as possible.

Introduce a climbing frame

This is another fascinating way your child gets to spend more time outside. You can set up a climbing frame in the outdoor area of your house and it can keep your child entertained even when you do not have the time to take them elsewhere.

Development of physical strength, ability to take risks confidently, development of logical and creative thinking are a few advantages of a climbing frame for your kid. The range of climbing frames are numerous. Wooden ones with swings included are some of the best.

The other varieties can be easily found online as well as in-store, and you can get the suitable one for your child.

Involve your child in gardening

If you as a parent are interested in planting flowers or other plants in your home garden, encourage your kid also to assist you in that activity.

This way, your child will have the urge to step outdoors as well as the motivation to engage in a valuable task.

Go for picnics

Arranging a picnic at your local park or playground too can enable to child to be outside. Although picnics may not necessarily boost your child’s ability to engage in physical activities, in the least it can help your child get some fresh air rather than being indoors the whole day.

So, consider going for family picnics either in the mornings or evenings and also grab the opportunity to teach your child the importance of conserving nature.