A true sports fan is far greater than someone who has gone for the occasional match, watches their favorite team play and can hold their own in a conversation on sports. No, they are people who are more than just an audience and live through the very essence of the game even though they might not be athletic enough to play it. They’ll do just about anything to get as close to that feeling, however. This is a checklist of things for those true fans across all sports.

Get On The Jumbotron

Being on the jumbotron is a small glory period for fans. But this period, as nearly insignificant as it may seem, is quite the feeling. It makes you feel like you’re a part of the action and gives you a little boost since there was clearly something about you noticeable enough that made the camera land on you. And if you act creatively or funnily enough, the others in the stadium probably won’t forget you for a long time.

Get An Autograph

This should be on nearly every fan’s list, old and young alike! What people might say looks like a few squiggles on leather or clothing is just the sort of negativity you do not need in your life. You collect that autograph, and you collect it with pride.

ESPN Binging

ESPN is the ultimate channel for sports lovers. It is the Netflix of sports if you will. Showcasing a variety of sports at all times, are you really a fan if you haven’t spent a day binging ESPN? The answer is no, you are not so this is one for the bucket list. Sit yourself down with enough food and beverages to last you the day and get started.

Watch Sports Live

While watching from the safety of your home and television is quite easy on the wallet, if you’re a true fan, you’ll go that extra mile to watch the match live. All fans deserve to splurge a little on the sport that they love every once in a while so don’t hold back. Go for those NBA or AFL tickets 2019 or whichever sport you root for.

Participate In A Marathon

You don’t have to feel pressured to run like a fully trained athlete. There are plenty of people who join up just to be a part of the cause and feel more involved and engaged. This is a great way for sports fans to interact with one another and come together on a massive scale- definitely one for the bucket list.

Catch A Foul Ball

Catching a ball always drives the crowd nuts. Some people even break fingers or fight with kids for it! Your odds of catching a ball are 1 in 1000. Those odds seem worth a try, for sure.

Storm The Field

This is utter chaos with fans running in every direction, tackling people amongst other things and it’s almost enough to make you wonder why you would even put yourself through that pandemonium. But then there’s the opportunity of walking on the same field as your heroes did, and that makes everything worth it again.

These are the top things every sports fan should have on their bucket list. The bottom line is you only live once. And as clichéd and overused as that line is, it’s true. Those few minutes you take to cross out something from this list will probably form one of the best memories in your life so don’t hesitate!