Getting your braces on can be a really stressful period especially if you have heard dreadful stories from your friends about their experience on this. If you plan on getting your braces then here are few things you need to know.

They Don’t Really Hurt That Much

Yes you read that right, regardless of what your friends and family have told you it doesn’t really hurt. You might feel a bit of soreness and a sense of tension on your teeth during and after the procedure but it doesn’t last that long. For those of you who can’t tolerate pain, you could get some over the counter painkillers.

Pick a Good Orthodontist

This is important as you will be wearing braces for quite some time so getting a specialist to do it is highly recommended. There are a couple of good dental clinic in Milton so be sure to check out their reviews.

Change Your Diet

It can be difficult to eat foods like burgers and pizzas as they could get stuck in your teeth causing a lot of pain. This is why you might have to change your diet and during your initial days, you should stick to food which is easy to chew.

You Have To Up Your Brushing Game

Provided that you already have a good brushing technique you might take longer to clean your teeth to make sure you can get deep into the areas to give your teeth a good clean.

Get Over the Old Myths

You might have to get rid of the old myths which used to say that braces are ugly. Long gone are the days when braces used to be this ugly, uncomfortable looking device. With the improvement of science and technology braces nowadays come in different materials and colours which actually look cooler. However, this process can be really slow so you have to be patient with it.

Braces Can Be Expensive

This is one reason to take good care of your braces to not burn a hole in your pocket. Especially if you are an athlete or play sports casually, invest in a mouth guard to protect them. You will also have to undergo a post braces treatment this is where you wear retainers for some time. The braces have done their work by aligning your teeth in a straight line. So now the goal would be to keep them in that line and give support to your teeth while they get adjust and prevent them from shifting too much and this can be done by wearing retainers.

Keeping Your Braces Clean

Food can get easily trapped between the metallic ends of the braces and this may lead to bacterial decomposition leading to tooth decay and bad breath. Some dentist recommend a thorough cleaning of your teeth after every meal and to floss regularly to avoid this problem.

You Will Look Great after Your Braces Come Off

After putting so much time and energy into getting your braces and taking good care of them you will be impressed with the way you look once the treatment is completed.  Keeping the end goal in mind will be a good motivation for you to keep going. The entire timeline that you would be wearing your braces would be a couple of years but your smile will last for a lifetime.