Do you feel like your life can use a little change? If so, here are a few simple ways to turn your life around…


Start Prioritizing Your Night Time Sleep

Trust us when we say that in order to really change your life around, you need to start prioritizing your night time sleep. Losing a night’s sleep or the sleep of two nights in a row is pretty normal; especially if you’re a student or someone trying to get their company off the ground. But sleeping for small hours every night is not only a foolish thing to do, it’s a brilliant way to shorten your lifespan. As an adult you must aim to have at least 7 hours of night sleep every day; so take all measures to ensure you get an uninterrupted night time sleep for this duration. This may also include keeping your mobile phone out of your bedroom.

Teach Yourself the Art of Eating Well

Without a doubt we all know the importance of eating well. However, thanks to how busy we tend to be, or our living status, we generally don’t give healthy eating as much attention as we probably should. Learn to cook so you have more control over the calories you consume. If your hectic work schedule prevents you from doing so, adapt and learn a few quick and healthy recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients or prepping. At the very least, aim to have at least one homemade meal per day. If you live in a dorm that doesn’t have a kitchen, remember that there is much you can cook in a microwave nowadays; and you can easily share the cost of the appliance with your room mates.


Make Exercising a Part of Your Daily Routine

Stop making exercise a means for looking good or only part of your (never met) new year’s resolutions. Begin treating exercising as part of your daily routine; like you would brushing your teeth or grabbing a cup of coffee. To make sure it happens, try to exercise in the morning; when you’re fresh and will benefit from the workout most. For sure, you can exercise in your PJs if it means you’ll actually get around to working out. But we have found our workouts to be more efficient when we slip into our gym pants.

Make Time for Socializing; Even If It Means You Have To Take On A Little Less Workload

Socializing is a vital part of our lives, as humans are social beings and need the company of others to thrive. For sure, you can live on your own, and perhaps even find solace in being in your own space; but try to contact those who you love every day and physically make contact with them ever so often. Apart from the fact that humans are social beings, you can also think of meeting up with people from a more selfish reason; like how it helps you boost your immune system. By isolating yourself, you are not exposing yourself enough to germs; leading to you easily catching viruses when exposed to them…